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Buffer Retreat #2


Story by Andy Yates December 6th, 2013


For the first few days we visited Bangkok, as we are a remote team it allowed us a few days to group up before a trip to Pattaya. Our hotel offered some amazing views of Bangkok along with a quiet place to work, gym and pool.


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Rooftop Dinner

We headed to Vertigo Grill & Moon Bar for a rooftop dinner the night before leaving Bangkok for Pattaya. We arrived just in time to watch the sunset over Bangkok's amazing skyline.



We took a 2 hour drive from Bangkok to Pattaya the following morning for the second part of our retreat, where we'd occupy 2 villas for a week before we once again splitting up around the world till retreat #3.

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The villas

As the Buffer team has grown over the past few months finding a single Villa capable of accommodating all of us is tricky so for this retreat we have 2 villas about 20 minutes drive apart. On the drive from Bangkok to Pattaya we randomly selected who would be staying at each villa. We'd then alternate which villa we work at each day.

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Building Things

After a couple of brainstorms we set out to make some improvements to Buffer along with building out a couple of new features to launch in the near future.

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Ko Lan ISland

At the weekend in Pattaya we arranged a boat and headed to Ko Lan island just off the coast of Pattaya. We then spent the afternoon on the beach enjoying the sun.

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Last day

Our last full day all together was upon us and so we decided to get a few group photos by the pool. Once they were taken a few of us couldn't resist jumping in for a few more funny snaps.

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What are these photos about?